DIRECTOR: Lana Hunter

The RIC Hospitality ministry plays no small role in the realm of biblical ethics. Christian hospitality begins with worship and gratitude to God and is cultivated over a lifetime. Hospitality depicts righteous, godly behavior.

“Hospitality concerns our attitude. We should not complain about the command to be hospitable (1 Pet. 4:9). Practicing hospitality without complaint requires the mind of Christ (Phil. 2:1-11) by which we consider the needs of others to be more important than our own needs. It will cost you time and resources. Therefore, we must invite people into our private space”.

The key to effective hospitality is your stewardship, God entrusted to you. Stewardship as it pertains to hospitality may be in form of your home, your table, your food, your stereo, your car — if he/she needs a ride to your home, then your time, your energy — God gives all to you, to be used for the edification of the Body of Christ for His glory. In addition, the ministry of hospitality is a great opportunity to share your stewardship with others.

However, being obedient to the Word of God requires that we not only provide the ministry of hospitality, but we avail ourselves to the ministry when it is required of us.

“Displaying hospitality also may provide unknown honors. The writer of Hebrews (Heb. 13:2) tells us that by displaying hospitality, some had the honor and privilege of entertaining angels without even knowing it. It is evident that sometimes providing hospitality rewards the host with a special honor of being used in a special way by God”.

Our church will grow stronger as our life touches other lives. Then the lost around us will know that we are acquainted with each other in the body of Christ. In practical ways when we invite them to share in the ministry of hospitality.

Can you see yourself touching a family in the middle of a crisis by helping to prepare, purchase or deliver a meal? Then this ministry is perfect for those that love to serve others and touch people with the love of Christ when they need it the most.

Our goal is to have our hearts in tune with God’s heart for meeting the needs of others, as we reach beyond ourselves to fulfill those needs.

Primary duties of the ministry:

  • Visit the sick and be an encouragement.
  • Prepare or purchase a meal and deliver it.
  • Prepare care packages for Expecting Mom’s
  • Duties are sometimes spontaneous, must be flexible.