DIRECTOR: Murielle Aime

Raleigh International Church Ring of Champions (RIC ROC) is a teen ministry dedicated to helping our young adults apply a Christian worldview to all aspects of their lives. We are dedicated to helping our young adults fulfill their God given potential in all aspects of their Christian lives. RIC ROC emphasizes fun and practical mentoring to help our young people develop as champions in their lives.

With the challenges that young people face today, RIC ROC is dedicated to helping your young adults make godly decisions, rooted in the Word of God.

Group activities, studies, and object lessons are the focus of ministry in RIC ROC. These teachings help our young adults become more responsible, better stewards, more aware, and more mature spiritually.

RIC ROC encourages strong faith, strong passion, and strong love for Christ in all of our young adults. We aspire to have an open, honest, and exciting environment for our young people where they learn to pray, praise, and profess Christ in their athletics, music, relationships, studies, and professional lives. RIC ROC is truly a place where future leaders are born in Raleigh International Church!